How to close more sales on group presentations?

Today I will give you some cool tips on how to close more sales on group live presentations.

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In order to accelerate your success in network marketing business you will have to increase the number of people who will be presented to the information you need to deliver with your team. One of the best way to do it to start doing live group presentations where all of your team builders invite their prospects and presenters doing the job with delivering the information and close more sales at the same time.

The video below will give you awesome tips on what to do during your presentation to close way more sales. It’s simple, easy to apply and most importantly super effective.

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WorldVentures review based on facts not opions

This post is a little bit off topic however there are some teaching points as well.

First of all I would like to state that I am an active Independent Representative of WorldVentures and member of DreamTrips Travel Club. I have not achieved top rank of the company yet, however my results are not typical.

Many people after being introduced to network marketing opportunity want to do their own research about the company, which is reasonable and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem starts when instead of making their mind based on FACTS they simply google the company name for scam or pyramid scheme to see if there is any negative opinion out there. Google search engine works on simple rule: it give you what you are looking for based on the key words. Continue reading

MLM Tips: How to handle “I need to think about it” objection?

Today we will talk about the most common objection in network markeing.

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This sentence is the biggest nightmare of network marketers (especially the newbies). I talk about “I need to think about it”. It’s not “NO” but it’s not “YES” as well. It’s confusing people and leave them in a position where they don’t know what is the next step.

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MLM Tip: How to handle excuse makers?

Do you have people in your team who are masters in giving you excuses on why the didn’t do what they supposed to be doing?

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Well, as they say: the best part of network marketing business is that you work with people and the worst part of network marketing business is that you… work with people. This is why we get paid so well, because we need to deal with the most weird creatures in the world- humans.

In today’s video I will teach you how to deal with excuse makers to keep your business going.

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Buy the product or go on training event?

In today’s post I would like to advise you that we will slightly change the concept of this website and turn it more into vlog than blog.

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The text of the articles will be limited and the whole information provided in video itself.

The video below will help you to make a decision when you or your team members are short of money and need to make a decision whether to purchase a product or go on big training event. Enjoy the video! Continue reading

Cold market prospecting- how to avoid most common mistake?

In today’s post I would like to give you couple of tips on cold market prospecting.

network marketing, cold market prospecting, mlm, irish mlm, multi level marketing, cold market strategies, training, free mlm trainingObviously cold market prospecting techniques are slightly different than warm market prospecting. There is no relationship pre-build and this is something that needs to be done before you can talk about your business or product opportunity.

I receive a lot of new messages on my Facebook profile from strangers and 99% of them are doing the same mistake. This is the reason why I create this content so you can avoid this mistake in the future. Most of people who are reaching out to me are sending me messages like: “Hey your profile is really interesting and I think you are a sharp person who will perfectly fit to my business. Continue reading

Money guilt – shall I feel bad of wanting to be rich?

In today’s episode I would like to talk a little bit more about the mindset and money guilt.

MLM Ireland, MLM, MLM Dublin, WorldVentures, WorldVentures Ireland, WorldVentures Dublin, network marketing, multi level marketing, blog, moneySo shall you really feel bad of wanting to be rich? Some people says that money is source of all evil in the world. Some people says that rich people are greedy, bad and using others for their own benefits. But is it a truth? In majority no. Some people are even saying that it’s written in Bible that money is source of all evil in the world. They are wrong, because it’s written there that love of money is source of all evil in the world. So money and love of money are two completely different things. But hey, we are not here today to analyze Bible.

First of all I would like you to understand that being rich or having a lot of money is just an end result. It’s an end result of your habits, your hard work, discipline, the value you bring to market place, the number of problems you solve and people you impact every day. So the more problems you solve, the more value you bring to the market place, the more impact you have on people the more money you should make. I think it’s quite logic. Continue reading

How to use social media to promote your MLM company?

In today’s post I would like to share with you couple of tips on how properly use social media platforms to promote your product or service.

WorldVentures, WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, irish mlm, mlm dublin, network marketing, irish network marketing, network marketing ireland, multi level marketing, travel mlm, blog, social media, blog, promote your mlmI don’t know about you, but I see way too many spammy posts on social media platforms. It’s just driving me crazy to see how amateurs are hammering their heads and simply bulding resistance instead of curiosity. First of all you need to understand why people are on social media. Are they there to buy something? Absolutely no. Their mindset is not ready to purchase anything on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform. So what are they doing there? People are using i.e. Facebook to check out what are they friends doing, to find some information, updates or just to socialise and entertain. Continue reading

How to get people to like you?

In today’s post I would like to give you couple of tips on how to get people to like you more

WorldVentures, WorldVentures Ireland, Irish WorldVentures, mlm, irish mlm, mlm ireland, netwrok marketing, irish network marketing, network marketing dublin, mlm dublin, multi level marketing, like youOne of my team members asked me recently: how do I get people to like me? Well this is really simple but not too many people are doing it right way. I have for you couple suggestions.

First of all I strongly encourage you to read two very, very powerful books: “Endless referrals” by Bob Burg and “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. These books will absolutely change your life when you read and apply the information from them. This is a must read for everyone in business, however in my opinion everybody should read them. Continue reading