Karol Kubiak and Robert Cielecki are 2 professional network marketers and online marketing specialist.

Karol have started his entrepreneurship on his 4th year at University. His first business was a transport and moving company. His second firm was internet company connecting small business owners with large courier companies. After 3 years recession hit and Karol was forced to close his business. It was like a pinch of salt that he had to swallow. Being bitten by larger competitors his decision was to try career in corporate world. After 4 years working for giants like HP and Microsoft Karol realised that being an employee is not a fit for him. Following the words of Sir Richard Branson “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”. That’s how he become involved in amazing industry of network marketing.

Robert started his professional life in sport industry in 2004. He spend 10 years to achieve highest levels as an International Fitness Presenter. In the mean time he moved with his family to Dublin in Ireland and started working for Google. He had really good life but he felt his career is “fragile”. He knew that one injury can completely destroy his sport career and as an employee he could loose his job at any time. There was no security for him and his family. When friend of him introduced him to mlm business opportunity he jumped in straight away, because he knew this is it.

Since 2012 Karol and Robert are working together and build an international team of network marketing professionals. They are constantly in students mode learning from the best in the industry, sharing the best they know with others. In the mean time they travel with their families all over the world and enjoy residual income lifestyle.

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Karol and Robert