I don’t know if my friends will join me – how to overcome this objection?

Today I would like to help you in the situation when after the presentation your prospect say that he will not join you, because they have no guarantee that their friends will join them.

WorldVentures Ireland, WorldVentures Dublin, network marketing, irish network marketing, irish mlm, mlm, mlm dublin, multi level marketing, blog, friendsI dedicate this article not only to those who are already in network marketing but also to those who are thinking about joining this industry.

There is so many different aspects on this topic that it’s really hard to find the most important. This is why I will talk about couple of them.

Let’s start from the life of entrepreneur – regardless of the industry or system of work. None of the entrepreneurs EVER have a guarantee that this business idea will work. They NEVER know if they will be able to find enough customers to break even. Network marketing is not different than other business models. Business owner is called entrepreneur because they have to they take many different actions to attract people and turn them into customers who will purchase their products or services. Continue reading

The best way to build network marketing business

In today’s post I would like to share with you my thoughts on what is the best way of building network marketing business.

network marketing, network marketing ireland, irish network marketing, multi level marketing, mlm, irish mlm, worldventures ireland, worldventures dublinMany people are asking about the strategies and ways of building successful MLM organisation. Is one on one meeting better than two on one? Maybe home meetings? How about big hotel presentations? Or maybe internet marketing? Well internet is great place to be: over 3 billion users are plugged to Internet and over 1 billion active accounts is on Facebook at the moment. This numbers are huge. But don’t get too caught about it. I remember when my mentor Peter Powderham told me that you can’t get pregnant online. It was one of the best network marketing success tips I have ever heard! Also this is very true. Network marketing is relationship business. You need to create this relationship and boundaries with your team. It’s very hard to do online. Continue reading

Want to give your prospects to someone from your team?

Let’s talk today about supporting your team by giving them your prospects who are ready to join your MLM company.

WorldVentures ireland, worldventures dublin, prospects, network marketing, network marketing ireland, multi level marketing, irish mlm, irish network marketing, blogRecently one of my new team members asked me if we can have an agreement that if I will find some new prospect who is ready to get started to give it away to someone from his team as a form of support. I thought that will be a great topic for a blog post.

I do understand where this person come from- he just care about his people and want to support them as much as possible. I have been there and over the time learnt painful lesson of not doing it this way. I will give you two analogies today to help you understand why you shouldn’t give your prospects to your team. Continue reading

Why people don’t achieve success?

In today’s post I would like to share with you reasons why people don’t achieve success.

achieve success, WorldVentures Ireland, WorldVentures Dublin, mlm, irish mlm, network marketing, network marketing ireland, multi level marketing, blog, passive incomeSo basically these three factors apply to any part of life – not only network marketing business. My goal is to help you to understand why percentage of people who achieve their goals is so low. Let’s jump straight into it.

First reason of not achieving success is fear. Fear of unknown. Fear of failure. Fear of what people will think about me. Did you know that people are more afraid of speaking in public than death? Isn’t that crazy? It all comes down to fear of rejection. So because of this inner voice whispering why and how everything will go wrong people are paralyzed and not taking any action at all. That’s the problem. Continue reading

How to learn more effectively?

In today’s post I would like to share with you some tips on how to learn more effectively.

WorldVentures Ireland, WorldVentures Dublin, mlm, irish mlm, network marketing, network marketing ireland, irish network marketing, multi level marketing, blog, how to learn, passive incomeAt early stage of my career I came across very cool studies about how to learn effectively without forgetting. As you can see on the graphics in this post there is a breakdown of different ways of consuming information.

Studies says that when you read than you will remember about 10% of the information taken. Not so much. So stopping only on reading the book or article or blog post will not give you great results.

When you hear or listen to the information on podcast, audiobook etc. you will probably remember around 20%. A little bit better but still not very much. Continue reading

Ever been discouraged by success stores in your MLM company?

In today’s post I would like to talk about why success stories in MLM companies can (sometimes) make you feel discouraged.

WorldVentures Ireland, WorldVentures Dublin, irish mlm, mlm dublin, mlm, network marketing, network marketing ireland, irish network marketing, multi level marketing, blog, discouragedSome of you might be really surprised by this statement but believe me it’s true. When you are working hard to build your MLM business and attending each and every one training there, you will hear many different success stories. Stories of people who achieved amazing results really fast. At the beginning of your journey with network marketing these are true inspiration. You think if they could do it, I can too! They proved that everything is possible. Continue reading

How to contact prospect couple of days after the presentation?

Today I would like to give you advise on how to contact prospect couple of days after the presentation.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, irish mlm, network marketing, network marketing ireland, multi level marketing, worldventures dublin, mlm dublin, prospectIt’s happening very often that your prospect really likes your business opportunity, however they are not ready to get started right away. In this case you both have agreed that when your guest will be ready, let’s say when collect the money required to get involved than he or she will contact you back.

This kind of situation can cause couple of issues. Basically my first advise for you would be to put yourself in their shoes. Think about what you would like to see or hear from the person who offered you business opportunity. Always use your own words. Of course you can get some advice from your sponsor or upline but keep in mind that if you will use the same words as your more experienced friend gave you might not sound natural. When this will happen than your friend Continue reading

MLM Tips: Are you taking full responsibility?

Today I would like to talk about taking full responsibility.

WorldVentures Ireland, full responsibility, mlm, irish mlm, network marketing, network marketing ireland, multi level marketing, mlm dublin, worldventures dublin, blog, coaching, mentoring, free trainingThis post is inspired by Mr Eric Worre. For those of you who do not know Eric is one of the most famous person in network marketing industry. Amazing leader, great speaker and trainer.

On one of his blog post he was talking about people who deserve disappointment. Some of you might say: what do you mean by that? how is it possible that people deserve disappointment?. Well if you really take time to analyze it you will understand what he meant. Let me explain. Some people are playing the “blame game”. They blame everything and everyone except themselves for not having success they are dreaming about. Continue reading

MLM Tips: How  to close more sales?

Today I would like to give you my favourite technique to close more sales.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, irish mlm, network marketing, network marketing ireland, multi level marketing, close more sales, how to close more sales, sales techniques, blog, businessThere is huge amount of ways to close a sale and you can easily learn them from many different books, training videos or seminars related to profession of salesman. I personally believe you should find one or two closing sales techniques that suits you the best and keep practising them until you will become a master.

My favourite way to close more sales is very simple. When my potential customer finished watching the presentation I simply ask these two questions: Continue reading

MLM Tips: The power of thinking BIG

Today I would like to inspire and encourage you to start thinking big.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, irish mlm, network marketing ireland, network marketing, irish network marketing, multi level marketing, thinking big, the magic of thinking big, the power of thinking big, think big, blog, mlm dublin, worldventures dublinThe main reason why thinking big in your life is so important is because thinking small doesn’t serve you at all, doesn’t serve your society and doesn’t serve the world. Do you know why people are so “realistic” and don’t think big? It’s because since early years we all have been programmed to set small achievable goals. As they used to say: “it’s better to be happy with achieving “something” rather than disappointed by not hitting big goal”. And our society was repeating this statement to us for years so finally we believed in it.

This is why so many people have an allergy to failure. They try to avoid it, because in their understanding failure is something bad. However, if you will ask any successful person they will all tell you that the only way to the top is Continue reading