MLM Tips: Crucial 72 hours in MLM business

Today I would like to give you a tip on how to have faster growth and higher retention rate in your team.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, irish mlm, network marketing ireland, worldventures dublin, 72 hours, business, blog, residual incomeMany people in network marketing fall into mistake of signing someone up and relax. They think that they did their job and now can watch how new joiner is bringing new customers and distributors. The truth is you job starts when you sponsor new person. Let me explain you why. Do you remember last time you bought or got something new (phone, computer, car, shoes, clothes etc)? Have you been excited about it for the first couple of days? Of course. That was something new, something that you need to discover, it brought freshness to your life. Same principle apply in MLM. When the person join they are excited about the opportunity, they are excited about possibilities and they are really ready to take action. Continue reading