I don’t know if my friends will join me – how to overcome this objection?

Today I would like to help you in the situation when after the presentation your prospect say that he will not join you, because they have no guarantee that their friends will join them.

WorldVentures Ireland, WorldVentures Dublin, network marketing, irish network marketing, irish mlm, mlm, mlm dublin, multi level marketing, blog, friendsI dedicate this article not only to those who are already in network marketing but also to those who are thinking about joining this industry.

There is so many different aspects on this topic that it’s really hard to find the most important. This is why I will talk about couple of them.

Let’s start from the life of entrepreneur – regardless of the industry or system of work. None of the entrepreneurs EVER have a guarantee that this business idea will work. They NEVER know if they will be able to find enough customers to break even. Network marketing is not different than other business models. Business owner is called entrepreneur because they have to they take many different actions to attract people and turn them into customers who will purchase their products or services. Continue reading