How to close more sales on group presentations?

Today I will give you some cool tips on how to close more sales on group live presentations.

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In order to accelerate your success in network marketing business you will have to increase the number of people who will be presented to the information you need to deliver with your team. One of the best way to do it to start doing live group presentations where all of your team builders invite their prospects and presenters doing the job with delivering the information and close more sales at the same time.

The video below will give you awesome tips on what to do during your presentation to close way more sales. It’s simple, easy to apply and most importantly super effective.

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MLM Tips: How to handle “I need to think about it” objection?

Today we will talk about the most common objection in network markeing.

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This sentence is the biggest nightmare of network marketers (especially the newbies). I talk about “I need to think about it”. It’s not “NO” but it’s not “YES” as well. It’s confusing people and leave them in a position where they don’t know what is the next step.

Below video will give you an advise on what to say and how to behave next time someone gives you this objection. Continue reading

MLM Tip: How to handle excuse makers?

Do you have people in your team who are masters in giving you excuses on why the didn’t do what they supposed to be doing?

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Well, as they say: the best part of network marketing business is that you work with people and the worst part of network marketing business is that you… work with people. This is why we get paid so well, because we need to deal with the most weird creatures in the world- humans.

In today’s video I will teach you how to deal with excuse makers to keep your business going.

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Buy the product or go on training event?

In today’s post I would like to advise you that we will slightly change the concept of this website and turn it more into vlog than blog.

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The text of the articles will be limited and the whole information provided in video itself.

The video below will help you to make a decision when you or your team members are short of money and need to make a decision whether to purchase a product or go on big training event. Enjoy the video! Continue reading

Money guilt – shall I feel bad of wanting to be rich?

In today’s episode I would like to talk a little bit more about the mindset and money guilt.

MLM Ireland, MLM, MLM Dublin, WorldVentures, WorldVentures Ireland, WorldVentures Dublin, network marketing, multi level marketing, blog, moneySo shall you really feel bad of wanting to be rich? Some people says that money is source of all evil in the world. Some people says that rich people are greedy, bad and using others for their own benefits. But is it a truth? In majority no. Some people are even saying that it’s written in Bible that money is source of all evil in the world. They are wrong, because it’s written there that love of money is source of all evil in the world. So money and love of money are two completely different things. But hey, we are not here today to analyze Bible.

First of all I would like you to understand that being rich or having a lot of money is just an end result. It’s an end result of your habits, your hard work, discipline, the value you bring to market place, the number of problems you solve and people you impact every day. So the more problems you solve, the more value you bring to the market place, the more impact you have on people the more money you should make. I think it’s quite logic. Continue reading

MLM Tips: Empoyee vs Entrepreneur mindset

Let’s talk today about the differences of thinking between employees and entrepreneurs.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, irish mlm, network marketing, network marketing ireland, irish network marketing, multi level marketing, entrepreneur, mindset, employee, blog, residual incomeMany times when you do the presentation of your MLM business you will come across people who do not have entrepreneurial spirit. Those people will in most cases tell you that your product or service cost too much and they can’t afford it. This is classical example of worker mindset. This kind of people do not see the opportunity behind the product. They build all their life on just one stream of income – salary. For me it looks like they kill their creative part of brain because in order to get something they want they start to think where to cut the cost to save money for something else. This is not how entrepreneurs are thinking.

When you meet entrepreneur they will not ask how much it will cost me, instead they will ask how much will it make me. All money they spend they treat like an investment. Based on that their creativity is unlimited. They don’t save money to Continue reading

MLM Tips: Is it worth it to pay for leads?

Today’s post is dedicated to those of you who are tempted to buy leads for network marketing.

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When you would ask me is it worth to get paid leads online I would answer it depends. It depends what do you expect to get out of it.

If you wish to build your business base only on paid leads you will find it very hard to become reality. The reason why is because you have no relationship pre-build with those people. When you start contacting them you will hit the wall of rejection. Your building business activities will mainly be focused on answering question like who you are, why are you contacting me, where did you get my contact details etc. And all of those on top of typical objections you deal with when building through your warm market. So basically you are adding yourself extra work. It will not make your life easier to build network marketing success through paid leads, even when the seller will tell you they are targeted. Continue reading

MLM Tips: Crucial 72 hours in MLM business

Today I would like to give you a tip on how to have faster growth and higher retention rate in your team.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, irish mlm, network marketing ireland, worldventures dublin, 72 hours, business, blog, residual incomeMany people in network marketing fall into mistake of signing someone up and relax. They think that they did their job and now can watch how new joiner is bringing new customers and distributors. The truth is you job starts when you sponsor new person. Let me explain you why. Do you remember last time you bought or got something new (phone, computer, car, shoes, clothes etc)? Have you been excited about it for the first couple of days? Of course. That was something new, something that you need to discover, it brought freshness to your life. Same principle apply in MLM. When the person join they are excited about the opportunity, they are excited about possibilities and they are really ready to take action. Continue reading

3 major beliefs of MLM entrepreneurs

Today I would like to share with you my insights on belief system that all successful entrepreneurs in network marketing industry had to develop so you know what you need to work on.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, entrepreneurs, network marketing ireland, irish mlm, dublin, irelandWhen you start your own business regardless of what industry or niche you are in there is a pattern of entrepreneurs characteristics. I would like to focus on 3 of them targeted for MLM business model. All of them are in my opinion like a pillars for your success.

First belief that you need to develop in yourself is belief in the industry. You must be 100% certain that network marketing is legit, long term business model that works incredibly well all over the world. This industry is so huge that even music and film industries combined do not give revenue like multi level marketing itself. When you have this belief than nothing and no one will be able to play on your emotions. You will be like a rock when someone will shoot on you statements like this is a pyramid, this things never works, only people at the top make the money Continue reading