MLM Tips: Crucial 72 hours in MLM business

Today I would like to give you a tip on how to have faster growth and higher retention rate in your team.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, irish mlm, network marketing ireland, worldventures dublin, 72 hours, business, blog, residual incomeMany people in network marketing fall into mistake of signing someone up and relax. They think that they did their job and now can watch how new joiner is bringing new customers and distributors. The truth is you job starts when you sponsor new person. Let me explain you why. Do you remember last time you bought or got something new (phone, computer, car, shoes, clothes etc)? Have you been excited about it for the first couple of days? Of course. That was something new, something that you need to discover, it brought freshness to your life. Same principle apply in MLM. When the person join they are excited about the opportunity, they are excited about possibilities and they are really ready to take action. Continue reading

3 major beliefs of MLM entrepreneurs

Today I would like to share with you my insights on belief system that all successful entrepreneurs in network marketing industry had to develop so you know what you need to work on.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, entrepreneurs, network marketing ireland, irish mlm, dublin, irelandWhen you start your own business regardless of what industry or niche you are in there is a pattern of entrepreneurs characteristics. I would like to focus on 3 of them targeted for MLM business model. All of them are in my opinion like a pillars for your success.

First belief that you need to develop in yourself is belief in the industry. You must be 100% certain that network marketing is legit, long term business model that works incredibly well all over the world. This industry is so huge that even music and film industries combined do not give revenue like multi level marketing itself. When you have this belief than nothing and no one will be able to play on your emotions. You will be like a rock when someone will shoot on you statements like this is a pyramid, this things never works, only people at the top make the money Continue reading

How to organise and set up perfect live biz presentation in hotel?

Today’s tip is for those of you who want to start doing bigger meetings in hotels.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, network marketing ireland, irish mlm, presentation, hotel, conferenceAt some stage when your team grows you will not be able physically to support all of your team members. This is the moment when you should start using the power of leverage and bring more people in one room to do the best presentation for the team. So let’s say you have great presentation skills or some of your team members has. You can use your talents to support the whole team.

If you were considering doing this already than probably you were searching for live business presentation tips all over. Let me share Continue reading

What to do and what not to do when building MLM business?

Today I would like to talk about something that is, unfortunately quite common in all network marketing companies. Let’s talk a little bit about de-edification.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, irish mlm, mlm ireland, network marketing ireland, businessIf you want to know how to do mlm network marketing business than remember this thing: never ever talk badly about your local, nationwide or worldwide leaders. People have this strange thing and when they don’t like someone they have an opinion. Then they spread this opinion through their circle of influence and gather the people who share the same opinion. It’s hard to admit but at the beginning of my journey with this amazing industry I was that person. Back then my personal development were at the floor level so it was what it was. Also I completely didn’t understand this business.

Let me tell you this. If you are the person who is criticising local leaders who are organising opportunity meetings, trainings, they are Continue reading

Why WhatsApp is great communications tool?

Let’s talk today a little bit about technology and how this can make our life easier according to building an MLM business.

WorldVentures Ireland, irish mlm, mlm ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, whatsapp, technology, toolI want to give you couple of tips about an app called WhatsApp. It’s available for  free download on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and also as a desktop app when you use Google Chrome Browser. If you want to communicate through this tool with your team, they also need to do WhatsApp download.

There is one very unique option that I use quite often and it is really handy. When you have downloaded this app to your phone you need to set up your account and then app get an access to your phone book. Continue reading

MLM Tips: The magic of edification

Today I would like to encourage you to use edification much more than just in your business.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, mlm ireland, network marketing ireland, edification, multi level marketing irelandMost of you probably know what edification is. We use it in the presentations when need to introduce our expert to the prospect to answer all their questions and close the sale. We gave some other tips how to make big impression on the quests at the live presentation, you can find it here.

However I would like to give you different point of view for this powerful tool to build social connections. You can edify everyone, everywhere at any time. By doing so you will make good impression on both sides. I will give you two different scenarios on how to edify someone and you will decide which one is more powerful. Continue reading

People who you think will, won’t and the ones you think won’t, will

Let’s talk about very common thing with beginners in network marketing, which is tendency to pre-judge people.

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Was that you at the beginning? I was. When I started and worked on my list I was thinking who will join me and who will definitely not. I was analyzing my friends by: what do they do, do they have kids, are they already successful etc. Based on that I made a decision to either show them the presentation or not. I see that all the time with new joiners. It is funny because in many cases people who you think will, they won’t and the ones you think won’t, will. Isn’t that just ironic?

When you pre-judge people you play god. How can you know what this person will see for themselves in your presentation? Even super successful people have some kind of pain in their life. Maybe they have no time for family? Maybe they have some health issues etc? You never know. If someone is unemployed they might be praying for the opportunity like yours? You never know. So stop pre-judging people and show it to everyone. Continue reading

Tips for beginners in online marketing

I would like to give you some tips if you are thinking about going to develop your skills in online marketing.

WorldVentures Ireland, online marketing, marketing online, internet marketing, social media marketing, mlm, network marketing ireland, mlm ireland, ireland, dublin

First of all I think you will not like what I want to say. I believe people (including myself) are going for online marketing out of their weakness. Yes, that’s correct. My reason of getting an interest in online marketing was the fact that I wasn’t willing to reach out to cold market every day to get my MLM business running. I just didn’t like it so I started to think how can I attract people so they will reach out to me and ask what it is that I do. So today I would like to give you some basic tips on what you should keep an eye on at the very beginning. Continue reading

Brand new in MLM and don’t have your own story yet?

Let’s talk about how brand new distributor should start properly without their own story.

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Couple of weeks ago we have shoot the video on facts and stories. There is a humongous power in using stories to build you MLM business so make sure you watch this video by clicking here.

But as a beginner you have no story yet and the question is what to do in this situation. You need to know that there are 2 ways of creating your own story. First one is the story of your experience with using the product or services and the second one is about having some sort of success in the business (it doesn’t have to be huge). If you qualified for the bonus, made extra 100-200 euros, dollars, sterlings etc. it’s perfect!

There are three stages of story and I will go through Continue reading

Are you sabotaging your business?

Today I would like to talk a little bit about law of attraction and its importance in your business.

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The thing with law of attraction is that it’s not only apply for business, but you can also sabotaging your own relationship, sabotaging your own happiness, sabotaging your own success or any other aspect of your life. So how does it work? Well, the basic rule says that whatever you focus on expands. So what are you focusing on the most? Are you thinking about your competitors, are you thinking about why you can’t get more customers, are you thinking about how bad your company product or service is, are you thinking about how badly you suck in your mlm business? Answer these questions to yourself. Be honest. Now understand that the main reason of your fails is because you are constantly thinking and talking about the negative stuff. You focused on negativity and it brought to you more negativity. Your thoughts are like a magnet so be super careful what you are thinking about. Continue reading