MLM Tips: Is it worth it to pay for leads?

Today’s post is dedicated to those of you who are tempted to buy leads for network marketing.

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When you would ask me is it worth to get paid leads online I would answer it depends. It depends what do you expect to get out of it.

If you wish to build your business base only on paid leads you will find it very hard to become reality. The reason why is because you have no relationship pre-build with those people. When you start contacting them you will hit the wall of rejection. Your building business activities will mainly be focused on answering question like who you are, why are you contacting me, where did you get my contact details etc. And all of those on top of typical objections you deal with when building through your warm market. So basically you are adding yourself extra work. It will not make your life easier to build network marketing success through paid leads, even when the seller will tell you they are targeted. Continue reading