Want to give your prospects to someone from your team?

Let’s talk today about supporting your team by giving them your prospects who are ready to join your MLM company.

WorldVentures ireland, worldventures dublin, prospects, network marketing, network marketing ireland, multi level marketing, irish mlm, irish network marketing, blogRecently one of my new team members asked me if we can have an agreement that if I will find some new prospect who is ready to get started to give it away to someone from his team as a form of support. I thought that will be a great topic for a blog post.

I do understand where this person come from- he just care about his people and want to support them as much as possible. I have been there and over the time learnt painful lesson of not doing it this way. I will give you two analogies today to help you understand why you shouldn’t give your prospects to your team. Continue reading

How to organise and set up perfect live biz presentation in hotel?

Today’s tip is for those of you who want to start doing bigger meetings in hotels.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, network marketing ireland, irish mlm, presentation, hotel, conferenceAt some stage when your team grows you will not be able physically to support all of your team members. This is the moment when you should start using the power of leverage and bring more people in one room to do the best presentation for the team. So let’s say you have great presentation skills or some of your team members has. You can use your talents to support the whole team.

If you were considering doing this already than probably you were searching for live business presentation tips all over. Let me share Continue reading