WorldVentures review based on facts not opions

This post is a little bit off topic however there are some teaching points as well.

First of all I would like to state that I am an active Independent Representative of WorldVentures and member of DreamTrips Travel Club. I have not achieved top rank of the company yet, however my results are not typical.

Many people after being introduced to network marketing opportunity want to do their own research about the company, which is reasonable and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem starts when instead of making their mind based on FACTS they simply google the company name for scam or pyramid scheme to see if there is any negative opinion out there. Google search engine works on simple rule: it give you what you are looking for based on the key words. Continue reading

MLM Tips: How to make research to avoid a pyramid scam?

Today I would like to give you few tips on where to look for the information to check the MLM company.

WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, irish mlm, network marketing ireland, network marketing, multi level marketing, pyramid scam, scam, blogThis post is dedicated to people who were approached by someone with their business opportunity and they want to check if this is a pyramid scam or not. Also it’s dedicated to people who just joined and don’t know if they are in the right place.

I would like to start from the statement that the worst place to check if the company is good or bad is typing their name in google and then read some anonymous articles, blogs or forums. You might know it or not but Internet is the place where anyone can write anything. Opinions of people are free and you need to be very careful to whom opinions you are listen to. You need to search for facts not opinions, that’s why we recommend to look for the information on proper sources. Blogs and forums are not them.

Not everyone knows that any company, not only in direct sales, is going through formulation process. This is usually first 4-5 years. And this is the time when more than 80% of companies fail and are gone out of market. So no matter how appealing the start up offer might be, remember that it’s really risky to get involved in the company that is less than 5 years on the market. Continue reading