How to use social media to promote your MLM company?

In today’s post I would like to share with you couple of tips on how properly use social media platforms to promote your product or service.

WorldVentures, WorldVentures Ireland, mlm, irish mlm, mlm dublin, network marketing, irish network marketing, network marketing ireland, multi level marketing, travel mlm, blog, social media, blog, promote your mlmI don’t know about you, but I see way too many spammy posts on social media platforms. It’s just driving me crazy to see how amateurs are hammering their heads and simply bulding resistance instead of curiosity. First of all you need to understand why people are on social media. Are they there to buy something? Absolutely no. Their mindset is not ready to purchase anything on Facebook, Instagram or any other platform. So what are they doing there? People are using i.e. Facebook to check out what are they friends doing, to find some information, updates or just to socialise and entertain. Continue reading

Tips for beginners in online marketing

I would like to give you some tips if you are thinking about going to develop your skills in online marketing.

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First of all I think you will not like what I want to say. I believe people (including myself) are going for online marketing out of their weakness. Yes, that’s correct. My reason of getting an interest in online marketing was the fact that I wasn’t willing to reach out to cold market every day to get my MLM business running. I just didn’t like it so I started to think how can I attract people so they will reach out to me and ask what it is that I do. So today I would like to give you some basic tips on what you should keep an eye on at the very beginning. Continue reading