Cold market prospecting- how to avoid most common mistake?

In today’s post I would like to give you couple of tips on cold market prospecting.

network marketing, cold market prospecting, mlm, irish mlm, multi level marketing, cold market strategies, training, free mlm trainingObviously cold market prospecting techniques are slightly different than warm market prospecting. There is no relationship pre-build and this is something that needs to be done before you can talk about your business or product opportunity.

I receive a lot of new messages on my Facebook profile from strangers and 99% of them are doing the same mistake. This is the reason why I create this content so you can avoid this mistake in the future. Most of people who are reaching out to me are sending me messages like: “Hey your profile is really interesting and I think you are a sharp person who will perfectly fit to my business. Continue reading

What to do if your warm market is sceptical?

Well, this is very common situation for many distributors.


As Christmas season is on there is a lot of opportunity to meet your family members. During long days spend around the table there will be some questions on what you are currently doing. Obviously you don’t want your closest ones to destroy you with their opinions on MLM, especially if they have never done something like that in the past.

So here is couple of advices I want to give you today.

With your warm market (people you know for years) you need to be mentally prepared. Two things you really need to understand is: you don’t need to convince anyone to join your business and you need to be emotionally detached from the outcome of conversation/presentation you will have with them.

Remember, whoever will ask you about your network marketing company your main goal is to help them to UNDERSTAND what it is that you actually doing. Don’t focus on selling them stuff or recruiting them to your team. Educate them on possibilities that multi-level marketing gives and let them make the decision whether it is something they would like to develop or not.

Also when they keep asking you can give them a presentation. However you need to set it up properly before you will show them any kind of information. You should say something like: “Hey uncle/auntie/cousin, look I don’t know if this is something for you or not, probably not, but you asked me so I want you to really understand what it is what I am doing. At least you will know how it works. Is that cool?”. 99% of the time they will say: “Sure! Bring it on!”. When you do it this way, there is no pushing to buy anything and they expect to learn something about your new business venture. Also, what is very important, they will not think that you have been brainwashed by some “MLM guru”.

For more advise on what to do when your warm market is sceptical about your MLM business please see video below.

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I wish you best success!

Robert Cielecki

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