WorldVentures review based on facts not opions

This post is a little bit off topic however there are some teaching points as well.

First of all I would like to state that I am an active Independent Representative of WorldVentures and member of DreamTrips Travel Club. I have not achieved top rank of the company yet, however my results are not typical.

Many people after being introduced to network marketing opportunity want to do their own research about the company, which is reasonable and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem starts when instead of making their mind based on FACTS they simply google the company name for scam or pyramid scheme to see if there is any negative opinion out there. Google search engine works on simple rule: it give you what you are looking for based on the key words.

Most people is driven by fear. They dream about running successful business but don’t want to take any risk on their shoulders. Based on that philosophy every single business venture should be named a scam. If not everyone is making money in MLM business and it’s a pyramid scheme than if not everyone is running successful grosery store, coffee shop, pizzeria, nursery, consultancy business or anything else than it should be named as a pyramid scheme as well. If someone will say that in traditional business you don’t have to recruit others to buy into the program then they simply do not understand the business in general. There is no business if there is no customers. So even when you run a coffee shop or are a doctor, lawyer or car mechanic you MUST attract customers to purchase your product or services. In MLM you are not get paid to recruit other Distributors, you only get commisions from selling the product or service that your company is offering. Once you understand that every business doesn’t exist without customers than you will realise that MLM is simply different way of distributing the goods.

Lets get back to research of the company. Before someone will put money into something new they abviously would like to know opinions of others. Let’s say you are searching for the information about a car, for example BMW. Will you ask for opinion someone who is BMW owner or someone who has never used this car? Of course you would ask an owner of the car that you are interested in buying. Why do you make your mind about network marketing company based on opinions of people who have never been a customers (never used the product or services) or never done the business with this particular company? It is not too smart, don’t you think?

Same story with people who have been involved in one company and when didn’t succeed they put all other MLM companies to the same basket. It’s like trying to run beauty salon that didn’t succeed and saying that they will never try other businesses like opening coffee shop based on their previous experience with different venture. Well every network marketing company has different product, different compensation plan, different leadership, different training program therefore your fail in one company doesn’t define your failure in other.

So when you type in Google frase WorldVentures scam or WorldVentures pyramid scheme the results will obviously show you the content with these key words. Most of the time the top results will be blog articles. Interesting thing about these blogs is the fact that almost none of the people who wrote them has ever been involved with the company and never went for a DreamTrip (never used the product). What they writing about are their own OPINIONS based on their impression and feelings after the company presentation. They have an opinion on something they have never tried. It’s like someone having bad opinion about yourself without even knowing you.

First thing that I strongly recommend to do when you are reading these articles is to ask yourself a question who is the author? Who stays behind the blog or website bashing the company name. In many cases you will realise that those people are professional bloggers or internet marketers. Their main object is to bring as many traffic to their websites as possible. When they use catchy popular words or frases than more people will click on their link to visit website. They know what they are doing. And what is even more interesting if they are internet marketers they try to get your attention leading by fear telling bad things about the company just to try to sell you into their deal at the end. Isn’t that funny?

If you want to find reliable opinions about the company and the product I suggest you to go to the comment sections on each of those blogs to see the conversation between people. This is the best part of this articles. You will see statements of people who are members of DreamTrips Travel Club (most positive comments) and those who are negative about the idea (never been a members or small amount of ex members). Keep in mind that there is no company on the planet who will make all of their customers happy. Even the best brands in the world have an unhappy customers. It’s just the way it is.

The problem with the opinions is that everyone has their own. Let’s say I will state that iPhone is the best phone in the world and you will say that iPhone is the worst device in the world. Who is right? Your word against my word. I hope you get the point and understand that opinions of other USERS are important however not as important as facts about the product or services.


So let’s start from DreamTrips Membership – WorldVentures product. On the screenshot below you can see actual (9th May 2016) number of available trips for all members of this travel club.


As you can see there is 1756 bookable trips available to choose from and if you would like to stay there longer than it states on the trip description you can easily extend the lenght of the trip with the price guarantee. Some people are complaining that this is not a good deal because flights are not included. Let me ask you this: are the flights included on or No. So what is the problem with that? If you have better prices and extras included in the holiday packages than on other websites it means that the offer gives you more value for less money.

Now if you are not sure if those trips are real or are as good as they say in the promo video than I would recommend you to visit World Travel Awards website (link) to check the history of Rovia our private booking engine. Since 2012 Rovia was voted the best booking website and travel club in the world. Year after year. In order to get this award you need to provide exceptional service to your customers.

Rovia, Dreamtrips, World Travel Awards, WorldVentures


From the business perspective let’s see how WorldVentures is growing over years. If you check the most reliable source of information about any MLM company out there – Direct Selling News (link) you will be able not only to read reviews prepared by professionals, but also check the list of 100 largest direct sales companies on the planet. Year after year WorldVentures is climbing the ranks and breaking the records of growth. On the screenshot below you will see how the company’s turnover has grown from 195 mln USD in a year (link) to 693 mln USD a year (link) making WorldVentures 32nd largest MLM company in the world and the only one on that list with travel product! Keep in mind this company is just 10 years on the market which is amazing achievement.

direct selling news, top 100 DSN, WorldVentures

Ernst & Young (EY) is one of the largest professional services firms in the world and one of the “BIG FOUR” accountancy firms, along with Deloitte, KPMG and PricwaterhouseCoopers (PWC). Ernst & Young is a global organization of member firms in more than 140 countries, headquartered in London, UK.  It was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 9th largest private company in the United States in 2010. WorldVentures Co-founders, Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent, have created something worthy of recognition by one of the most highly respected firms on the planet and been awarded as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Award (link)!

ernst & young entrepreneur of the year 2010 award, mike azcue, wayne nugent, worldventures

These are the facts about WorldVentures. One more thing that many skeptics are argumenting as a negative aspect of this business opportunity is the percentage of people who are making money with WorldVentures. According to official company income disclosure statement (link) 20% of Independent Representatives are making money and 80% are not, which is misinterpreted as they are “loosing money”. Let’s think about it for a second.

WorldVentures, income

If someone is not making money in MLM company does it really means they are loosing money? No, they are not loosing money, because they receive product in return for their money. If you buy a hoover and never use it does it means you have lost your money? No, you simply spent them on something that you don’t use. By this being said it’s not store’s fault that you are not using the product they have sold you, it’s yours decision and yours responsibility.

People need to understand that the above statistic looks almost the same in every single aspects of our life not only business. It’s called Pareto principle (link). When you analyse any MLM, affiliate marketing or traditional company income disclosure statement you will see very simillar numbers. Ask yourself a question how many athletes, musicians, chefs, artists achieved spectacular success? Not many. Does it mean sport, cooking or art is a scam? No. It just shows that not everyone is putting enough efforts to create their own success. On top of that you should know that most people decide to become Distributors just to make enough to get the product they love for free. They are not there to make money but they are smart enough to not to pay for their product. In WorldVentures we call it “Refer 4 pay no more”.

The person with “average” mentality will see this statistic and say “Oh, not many people make money here so probably I will not make it as well” but the person with “achievers” mentality will see it and say “If there are people who made it, it means I can make it too!”.

Network marketing is not easy business. You must be coachable and be willing to learn and develop new skills in order to succeed here. But is there any easy business out there? I don’t know any successful businessman who would say “this business was so easy, I just started it and became a millionaire”. Business is hard. Working for somebody else for average salary for 20-30 years is hard. You need to choose your hard. WorldVentures offers you an opportunity to start your own home business with very low investment and low risk. You continue to do what you are already doing and in your spare time you start developing additional income that over time can turn into your fulltime income.

I hope this article gave you enough information based on facts to make an educated decision if WorldVentures is right opportunity for you and if DreamTrips Membership has good value for money. Remeber, you don’t have to become a Representative to be a member and you don’t have to be a member to become Representative.

Is WorldVentures a scam? It’s NOT A SCAM. Is WorldVentures a pyramid scheme? It’s NOT A PYRAMID SCHEME. In MY OPINION of course 😉

I wish you best of success!

Karol Kubiak


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